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Located in the heart of City of Toronto and is easily accessible by public transit. Madinah Masjid is one of the oldest and largest Masaajids which caters to the culturally diverse Muslim population of Toronto. The Masjid holds five time daily prayers, Friday & Eid Prayers, Islamic school and many more Islamic programs and activities.

LIVE audio of Lectures from Madinah Masjid
Live feed is only available during Adhan & Salah and while speeches are being delivered


Correspondingly the 10th of Zhul Hijjah - EID AL ADHA - will fall on Sunday the 5th October 2014. Please note: There will only be 1 EID SALAT and it will be held on Sunday OCTOBER 5TH, 2014 AT 8:30 AM (IA)

Alhamdulillah, we have now officially entered the last phase of our construction for this Masjid. The major task that still remains are the construction of the Dome in the Prayer Hall as well as the installation of new carpets throughout the building. We will continue to raise funds and bring this entire project to a complete closure and we are humbly asking for your precious Dua's and your generous financial support for the successful completion of this project. Please visit us and check out our gallery section for pictures of the Masjid.
Jazak Allah!

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